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Tubytes is a blog that explores diverse topics concerning the everyday lives of people in Africa and the rest of the world. Why? Because life rarely proffers any answers on how it is to be used up, especially in meaningful ways. Thus, we make up stuff (most of it, anyway) as we stumble along infinity. The evidence of that lies in the staggering wealth and confounding complexity of information about life that humans have gathered and distributed since time immemorial, but somehow all that hasn’t yet assured humanity of a solidified better existence. As such we can’t promise to do any better here; in fact, though it is pointless to admit, we too are engaged in that futile endeavour of burgeoning reams of information on the internet in a rather desultory fashion. Here’s to a more obese internet!

Please Note:

Most of the content shared on this blog is purely for informational purposes and is not intended to be taken as the official version. We are therefore unable to provide any kind of support beyond answering questions related to the content itself, which you can do by leaving us a comment at the end of most posts. Corrections and suggestions on how we can improve the site and content are also welcome through our contact page. Thank you for visiting our site!