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How to Activate End of Call Notification in Blaze

The end of call notification is a useful feature to keep track of your spending habits as a blazer. This service triggers a USSD notification at the end of your calls with a summary of:

  • the amount of airtime spent
  • the duration of the call and the
  • subsequent account balance

Safaricom had rolled out this awesome feature to the Blazers first however it’s now available to the other subscribers on the Uwezo Tariff. Still, one has to activate it manually as it’s not enabled automatically as it’s the case in Airtel and Telkom.


Enable the Service on Blaze

1. Dial *555# to access the Blaze Menu.

2. In the Blaze USSD Menu reply with 98 for more then select End of Call Notification from the list of options.

3. Next reply with 1 to Opt-in into the notification. You should get a USSD message that you’ve successfully opted in to End of Call notification.

You’ll now be getting a call summary at the end of your calls. To disable the end of call notification, go through the above steps but in the third step reply with 2 for Opt-out.


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