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How to Change Your Bonga Points PIN

Safaricom’s loyalty program Bonga Points not only allows you to accumulate and redeem points but also transfer them. Transferring of bonga points is usually done among family and friends but over time it has been turned into a business of sorts where points are traded for money.

Before you can transfer points, it’s a must to set a bonga points PIN which acts as a protective measure against unauthroized transfers. The PIN can however be changed which should come in handy in situations when the PIN gets compromised.



1. Dial *126# then reply with 98 to go to the next page.

2. Reply with 6 for Set or Change Bonga PIN.

change bonga pin
Change Bonga PIN

3. Reply with 2 for Change current PIN.

change current pin
Change Current PIN

4. You’ll be prompted to enter your current Bonga Points PIN.

enter old pin
Enter old PIN

5. You’ll then be prompted to enter your new Bonga PIN. It should be a 4-digit number.

enter new bonga pin
Enter new Bonga PIN

6. Next confirm the new PIN by re-entering it and that’s it. You should get a confirmation of the PIN update.

pin updated
PIN Updated

For any new transfers you’ll be required to use this new PIN. Record it somewhere to ensure you don’t forget it otherwise you may have to (re)set it all over again.


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