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How to Check your Airtel Kenya Phone Number

Years ago, mobile networks used to print the mobile number on the SIM cardholder among other details such as PIN and PUK Numbers. Along the way the SIM cardholders kept getting smaller and smaller and at some point they stopped printing the numbers on the card.

This may have been prompted by efforts to protect the subscriber’s privacy by not revealing to the retailer selling the SIM card their numbers. However, this often comes at the cost of some people having a difficult time figuring out their phone numbers.

To check your Airtel Kenya phone number is quite simple. Just dial *100# and select My Number option from the menu. In a short while you’ll receive a text message with your Airtel phone number and another one displaying your account’s balance.

A screenshot of a text message from Airtel Kenya showing a phone number.

Now that you’ve confirmed your number, make sure to memorise it or write it somewhere. You could also save it in your contacts.


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