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Of SIM Cards Bereft of Numbers

So I see you just bought yourself a new SIM Card. New in Kenya or are you making that long overdue switch to less green pastures? Who’s the lucky mobile network that snatched you? Is it:

  • The little red riding hood that’s constantly being eaten by “Big Bad Green Wolf”?
  • Hungry big green wolf dressed in grandma’s sheep clothing?
  • Or the turquoise huntsman running late on the rescue?

Hmm, I see. Good choice! So how come you’re here? Let me guess: they took you in and forgot to tell you about your new number? Yes, they have that habit nowadays. It’s all part of new cost cutting measures embraced to save the environment by cutting back on plastic and ink.

You see back in the day they used to print it on a sizeable SIM Card holder that was big enough to be repurposed as a key holder or a narcotics divider. Now they just print it for you digitally when you ask them to. How?

Enter for:

  1. Safaricom alias Green Wolf
  2. Airtel alias Little Red Riding Hood
  3. Telkom Kenya alias Turquoise Huntsman

Nto Nkaabu

Something to imply expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness ought to be here. I however prefer to just say that I enjoy writing and leave it at that. Thanks for stopping by.

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