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How to Sambaza Your Airtel Kenya Credit

Did you know that you can share your Airtel airtime in the same way as it is with Safaricom’s sambaza and Telkom’s PEWA? The procedure may be a little different from what we’re accustomed to in Safaricom but the end result of transferring your Airtime is the same. Airtel calls this service of theirs ME2U.

The minimum amount of airtime you can transfer is set to Ksh 5 while the maximum is capped at Ksh 2500. Starting from 24th February 2017 however, Airtel introduced a 3% charge on the amount transferred or a minimum Ksh1.20.

The airtime transfer can be completed in 3 different ways:

  1. Using USSD Short Code
  2. Using SIM Menu
  3. Using SMS

Option 1: Transfer Airtime using USSD Short Code

  1. Dial *140# with your Airtel line.
  2. Enter an amount to transfer between 5 and 2500.
  3. Enter the Airtel number of the recipient.
  4. You’ll then get a message that your request has been received and is being processed.
    ME2U ussd repsonse
  5. Shortly after this you’ll receive an SMS from ME2U confirming the transfer and the amount that you’ve been charged if any.
    ME2U transfer confirmation sms
  6. The recipient will also receive an SMS confirming the received amount.
    Me2U airtime received sms confirmation

Let’s now see how to transfer using the SIM Menu/Toolkit.


Option 2: Transfer Airtime using the SIM Menu

  1. On your phone go to your Airtel SIM Card Menu (Sim Card Toolkit/Applications) and select Airtel Services.
  2. Inside the services’ menu select the first option: ME2U.
    ME2U sim card menu
  3. Depending on your SIM card you’ll find either one or two options in that menu: Send airtime credit and Change PIN. Select the first option.
    Send airtime credit menu option
  4. Now enter the amount you wish to transfer followed by the Phone number of the recipient in the next menu. If you have the number in your phone book you can search it using the Phonebook option instead of entering it manually.
  5. You will then be prompted to enter your ME2U PIN. If it’s your first time using the service, the default pin is 0000. You can change this later on as explained at the end of this article.
  6. That’s it. You’ll shortly after this receive an SMS from ME2U confirming a successful transfer.

Option 3: Transfer Airtime using SMS

  1. Open your SMS Messaging app and compose a message in this format: 2u [phone number] [amount] [password] e.g 2u 0733333333 10 0000
    An SMS showing how to transfer airtime via SMS
  2. Send this SMS to 5050.

You will shortly after this receive an SMS from ME2U confirming whether the transfer was successful.

How to Change your ME2U PIN

As mentioned earlier, the default ME2U pin is 0000. To change it, you can use the Change PIN option that can be found by going to the ME2U option inside the Airtel SIM card Menu.

You can also change it using SMS by sending the following message in the format Pin [old password] [new password] to 5050 e.g Pin 0000 1234

The password should be a 4-digit number, and while you are at it choose a unique PIN that you don’t use anywhere else.


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