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List of Toll-free Emergency Hotlines in Kenya

Emergency situations require to be addressed promptly to prevent and minimize fatalities. Toll-free numbers are therefore essential for making contact in these scenarios.

Toll-free numbers have the benefit of not charging the caller, can usually be called from any network, and are in short-codes that are easy to remember.

Various government departments and some organizations run emergency toll-free numbers, however the majority of emergency service providers still rely on normal mobile or telephone numbers.

While this has its drawbacks, a common challenge with toll free numbers that could be discouraging their uptake are prank calls that not only waste time and money, but also may take up vital spots for callers with legitimate concerns.


Toll Free Emergency Lines and Short Codes

National Emergency Numbers to report crime and for ambulance, fire and emergency medical service (EMS).Kenya Police
1199Kenya Red Cross toll free hotline for emergency disaster and health response services including Emergency Plus Medical Services (E-Plus) Ambulance services.


Alternative hotlines:

Kenya Red Cross Society
11624 hour toll free number (call & sms) to report child abuse.


WhatsApp Chat: 0722 116 116 (7am-6pm)
Email: [email protected] (8am-5pm)

Child Helpline Service operated by Childline Kenya
1195Toll free national hotline for victims of Gender Based Violence (GBV).HealthCare Assistance Kenya
1193Helpline for victims of Gender Based ViolenceKimbilio Trust
1190Anonymous and toll free helpline for victims and those affected by HIV/AIDS, STIs and information on reproductive health.One2One by Liverpool VCT
0800 724 848For questions or comments and patients seeking counselling or follow up advice.Ushauri by National AIDS & STI Control Programme (NASCOP)
0800 720 005Toll free helpline for questions concerning sexual and reproductive health. Open from 7am to 9pm daily. Available also on WhatsApp chat on 0709 819000.Marie Stopes Kenya
119224hr toll free helpline for victims of
alcohol and drug abuse.
NACADA (National
Authority for the Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse)
+254722178177Suicide, depression and abuse helpline run by Befrienders Kenya that’s available for calls between 7 AM and 7PM.


This is not a toll free line but it’s the only suicide hotline at the time of this writing.

You can also contact Befrienders through:
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

To join their support group, please visit their site here for

Befrienders Kenya
0800 223 344Emergency toll free helpline to report
missing, lost/displaced or found children.
Missing Child Kenya (MCK)
0800 730 030
0800 720 021
Toll free emergency line at the National Poison Information and Management Centre in Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) that provides assistance in case of poisoning e.g pesticide poisoning.Agrochemicals Association of Kenya (aak)


Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH)

0800 720 030
0800 221 5432
Toll free lines to call to report an
aviation incident or accident in Kenya.
Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA)
110Emergency hotline number for search and
rescue operations in Lake Victoria and other water bodies.



24/7 phone lines provided by Uber kenya that you can call when you feel unsafe or are in a difficult situation and need immediate security help. Note: these are not toll free lines.


For customer support you can call the free toll lines:
0800 724 787 (Riders)
0800 724 786 (Drivers)

Uber Kenya
9777124hr contact centre hotline (not toll free) for Kenya Power to get help regarding their services such as reporting outages/faults.KPLC
719Toll free line set up by the National Emergency Response Committee on Coronavirus to help kenyans understand COVID-19 and manage suspected cases. Users can use the USSD code *719# to access the service.GOK
0800 721316Toll free line set up by the Ministry of Health to get info on the Corona virus and report any susupected cases.Ministry of Health

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